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As mentioned in the original plan, the database is no longer active for privacy purposes.


Many young people in EA struggle to find belonging/acceptance in pursuing EA-aligned careers in high school, university, and their early career. It's hard to stay committed to these goals when most people around you are just interested in personal security, getting a degree, or making money. 

If you're lucky, you might have a small EA club at your university. Or you might get accepted into a fellowship to learn about shared interests. Still, these opportunities are limited in quantity and time. Also, from personal experience at two university clubs and three fellowships, there's a lack of opportunities to develop personal, not just professional, relationships. 

To get around this, I'm creating a database of young people in EA hoping to meet 1-on-1. The intention is to avoid being prescriptive with why/how people reach out. Also, to take a small first step in gauging interests for more personal, 1-on-1 connections among young people in EA.  

Some potential ways I could imagine people using the information:

  • To make new friends. 
  • To have discussions with others interested in similar cause areas.
  • To find collaborators for student projects/research. 
  • To find others interested in EA in regions without a university club. 

Use this one-minute form if you'd like to take part in the database. I'll reach out in about a week to share the information everyone submitted :-) 

Regarding privacy: 

  • None of the information is sensitive and most is optional. 
  • I'll only share records with submitters I can verify to be human. 
  • All the records will be deleted in one month after release. The intention is to set up a quick test and perhaps more 'official' EA organisations could act on the insights.
  • If you'd like me to delete your data before a month, feel free to DM me on the forum :-)




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Have you looked at EA Anywhere? You might be able to set up something up through that

This is certainly a useful resource for those who live in areas without the effective altruism groups around them! Thank you for sharing :-)

Link seems to be broken :(


As I mentioned in the post, I'd delete the database in a month from the post for privacy reasons. My apologies for the inconvenience :/

Ah understood, sorry for missing. I think you might want to consider deleting the post in that case though

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