I'm trying to convince someone to donate effectively, but they only want to donate to charities in India. Does the community  have any recommendations on effective places to donate? 

I'm making this a post since a similar question received little attention and the last relevant post I could find was for the COVID-19 outbreak in India specifically. 

I know Evidence Action works in India among other countries. Same with SightSavers International




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Fortify Health and Suvita were incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship (EA’s charity incubator) and operate solely in India.

Hi Madhav, you can check Fortify Health; https://www.fortifyhealth.global 

If they're interested in animal welfare, Fish Welfare Initiative might be a good place to consider, I believe they have a sizable presence in India :)

If you’re comfortable with a level of abstraction away from direct aid, JPAL does a lot of work in India implementing and evaluating the interventions that become opportunities for effective giving:


Hi Madhav, I work for Give For Good, a new donation platform that encourages people to donate in a new (more effective!) way. We don't select charities, but we did just add our first Indian charity. If you're interested to have a look, this is our website: www.giveforgood.world Best, Rik

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