Any research you have seen regarding the most effective causes in this subspace? Thanks!

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Stephen Clare

Dec 23, 2022


Founders Pledge has recommended Bandhan's Targeting the Hardcore Poor programme.

As part of a shallower investigation into early-stage funding opportunities, they also recommended Suvita

(Disclaimer: I worked at Founders Pledge when these recommendations were made, and was responsible for the Suvita recommendation. I don't think either of these are as highly-vetted or as cost-effective in expectation as GiveWell's recommendations, though among randomista-style giving opportunities in India I think they're a good bet!)

I also think air quality is a really promising bet in this area. Open Philanthropy has identified some promising opportunities, and made some grants, described here.

Selim Uysal

Dec 23, 2022


Hi Radon, you can check Fortify Health;