What: Is a Career in Philanthropy and/or Global Development Right for Me, and How Do I Pursue It? 

When: 6:30P-8P Pacific Time, Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Where: https://tinyurl.com/eaberkeley


Norma’s talk is designed to help you determine if a career in philanthropy and/or global development is for you, and to help you navigate the job markets in those fields. Most of the time will be for your questions. She’s happy to answer both questions about careers and questions about the substance of her work in global development.

Norma Altshuler is a Program Officer in Global Development and Population at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. She manages a portfolio of grants designed to increase the use of data and evidence to improve public policies in low and middle income countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. She also serves on the boards of Givewell, Young1ove, and Data2x. She was a speaker at EA Global San Francisco 2019.

Previously, Norma helped found the Global Innovation Fund, where she also built a grant portfolio supporting evidence-informed innovations in developing countries. Prior to that, as a portfolio manager at USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures (DIV), she made investments, co-led the team’s evaluation and advisory services, and contributed to the strategic and operational development of the program. Norma has also worked for GiveDirectly and other non-profits in East Africa. Earlier in her career, she conducted evaluations of development and social protection programs with Mathematica Policy Research.

She holds  a bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College and a master’s degree in public policy from the University of California at Berkeley.


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Is a recording of this event available?

Sorry, to promote candidness, there was no recording.


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It looks like the GiveWell website may need to be updated as it does not list her as a board member.