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Similar to how Givewell (with caveats) says that a donation of around $5000 can save a human life. Has anyone done this with any animal?

I scanned Animal Charity Evaluators site quickly and couldn't find any quantification like this - maybe it's too hard to quantify because mostly these orgs do advocacy?




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Hi Luke,

Saulius estimated broiler welfare campaigns improve 15 chicken-year/$, and cage-free campaigns improve 54 chicken-year/$. Relatedly, based on the 1st of these numbers, I estimated corporate campaigns for broiler welfare are 1.71 k times as cost-effective as GiveWell's top charities.

I found that ACE estimates that the Humane League an estimate of between -6 and 13 farmed animals spared per dollar donated. If anyone has other sources or perspectives to share on this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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