We are excited to be launching the Center for Space Governance, a non-profit research organization dedicated to exploring current, emerging, and future issues in space policy. We aim to define and map the field of space governance, advancing effective solutions to address the greatest challenges and opportunities for humanity’s future in space.

In the coming months, we will be developing our research agenda with a focus on the long-term implications of space governance, building on the recently published 80,000 Hours problem profile and setting the foundations for this emerging field. We would also like to thank Fin Moorhouse for his initiative in bringing together the first EA space community this year, from which several members have joined our team.

We are looking to bring on board a number of Research Fellows and Research Affiliates to contribute to our activities this summer, from August to October. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Apply to join here.

If you are interested in supporting our mission or advising us, please get in touch at center@governance.space. Thank you, Bartu Kaleagasi and Gustavs Zilgalvis.

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Hi team. How active is the Center for Space Governance currently? What are your plans for the next two years, if any?

Sounds exciting.

The main thing that I am interested in when I read announcement posts or websites from very young orgs is who is on the core team.

I don't know if this has been left out intentionally, but if you did want to add this to the post I'd be interested in seeing that.

Thanks Caleb. This is being led by myself and Gustavs as mentioned in the post, and we are currently in the process of bringing on board our first team members. We will be adding everyone on the website once that has been finalized.

This is really exciting - congratulations! 

Amongst the EA community, some people are really excited by the prospect of humans spreading into space.  

Other people are quite nervous about this happening, worrying that it could spread suffering much more widely across the universe.

  • Do you have a view on this crucial consideration? 
  • Would you consider consulting with people from both communities to try to ensure that your actions/policy recommendations are “robust” to both sides? 

Many thanks for considering this! :)  

Zach and Kelly Weinersmith are writing a book on space settlement. Might be worth reaching out to them.

This is really fantastic news, and is a much needed area of work. I did my master's degree in space law and it was such an intruiging area of governance. The current state of space governance and space law is the equivalent of trying to run modern society using only the laws of the Roman Empire. I think if people knew how outdated our international agreements were, and how unsuitable they are for modern space governance (let alone expansion, extraction, and colonisation!), they'd be a lot more panicked about getting space governance right.

Very excited to see the publication of your research agenda.

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