We have so many great people involved in the EA movement, people who think hard and well about what cause to prioritize and who dedicate a significant portion of their money and time to advancing global flourishing in the most cost-effective manner. However, articles about EA participants typically feature the most dedicated folks, which contributes to those who don't reach such levels reluctant to call themselves EA members.


So to advance the cause of celebrating all in the EA movement and recognizing the value of all movement members appropriately, we at Intentional Insights are launching the "Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving" video series. This series of brief videos, around 10 minutes each, will showcase folks from across the movement, including from around the world, as we do the filming through videoconference (Google hangouts). We ask participants four questions:

1) How would you define effective giving and what makes you passionate about it?
2) What is your story of getting involved in effective giving?
3) What are you doing now in the area of effective giving?
4) What do you plan to do in the future and what do you envision as the mark you want to leave on the world?


Why do we frame the title and questions in terms of "effective giving?" Well, these videos are meant to be available as a resource to be shared with anyone and create a sense of narrative, identification, and emotional appeal, which are part of broader effective outreach strategies. Thus, using the terminology of effective giving decreases the likelihood of non-value aligned people trying to join the EA movement, while encouraging such people to give to more effective charities. Note that participants usually mention the EA movement in their comments, which provides a potential trail to the EA movement for those who would be interested in thinking hard about doing the most good.


We already released three videos. The first features Boris Yakubchik, who was involved in the EA movement before it was a movement as such. The second one is with Scott Weathers, an EA health policy expert who is currently interning at the WHO and is going on for a PhD in public health this Fall. The third features Alfredo Parra, the main organizer of EA Munich. Since the videos are short, I will post future videos on the EA Forum when we have finished doing a set of three.


FYI, the fact that the first three happened to be with men is a fluke. I extended an invitation for videotaping to three men and three women, and the women simply were not available until later. We already did two with the women, and are currently processing them.


For future developments with this series, we are planning to improve the backdrop situation for the interviewer by getting a black screen. We have also secured the domain http://www.givingeffectively.org/, and we plan to put these videos and other content there after we decide how to structure the website - we want to make it a key part of the EA Marketing Resource Bank as a venue for content about effective giving. If anyone wants to support these endeavors (the website or video series) with their programming/visual design/video skills, or with donations, please shoot me an email at gleb@intentionalinsights.org


I welcome your feedback about this project, in private emails to me or in comments here. My hope is that these videos will show the broad range of diversity across the EA movement, and help people understand that, even if they are not the most dedicated EA participants, they are making a welcome and valuable contribution to the cause of doing the most good effectively.




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I think this is a great idea. Have you interviewed Jorge Lugo, Tom Ash, Eva Vivalt?

Thanks! We have a number of folks who we've sent out invitations to, and will be getting around to others. We're specifically aiming not to start at the top of the most active folks, to give voice to more typical members of the movement.

Considering that you want to include typical members, I highly recommend Jorge Lugo.

Sure, connect me with him - my email is gleb[at]ntentionalinsights.org

Great job. I think it is very important to try to get some racial diversity in the videos too. After all, we want to show that EAs come from all walks of life.

Thanks! Yup, we aim to have racial diversity, and in fact already have racial diversity. Alfredo is Hispanic, he was born in Mexico. He talks about his childhood witnessing poverty around him, and how this motivated him to engage in EA.

We are also aiming for geographic diversity, which is why we are interviewing people from around the world, as well as people who immigrated from one country to another - such as Boris Yakubchik.

Also, we want to make sure to get at LGBTQ diversity, and we plan to have interviews with people who are not cis-normative.

Good luck! I think having a set of material which doesn't make EA (or effective giving) seem too demanding is very sensible - even though the three people you've started with, all of whom I know, definitely seem like "full time" EAs, to use the least-bad terminology people could come up with when this was last discussed on the forum!

Tom, thanks!

Boris, as he describes in the video, drifted away from being active in the movement after leaving college - he still donates, but does much less volunteering than he used to. So that video would be useful to share for demonstrating how EA/effective giving is not too demanding. Scott and Alfredo are more on the full-time spectrum, I agree.

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