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The Insect Institute is hiring for a vital, exciting, foundational role: a full-time Program Coordinator or Program Officer (depending on the qualifications of the successful candidate).  This is a high-responsibility position where you will have the opportunity to drive real impact for our mission. As our second full-time employee, you will be tasked with helping to carry out the Insect Institute's interventions, including through engagement with policymakers, regulators, NGOs, and potentially media. Suitably qualified candidates may also be asked to contribute to research and report writing. As one of only a few people worldwide working in an extremely important cause area, you will have the potential for enormous counterfactual impact.

Salary: $73,630-$87,694 USD pre-tax
Location: Fully remote
Application Deadline: April 1st, end of day in the EST time zone

The full job description and application is available here. If you know someone else who might be a good fit, a referral form is available here. We offer a $500 bonus for referring the successful candidate. Questions about the role can be directed to info@insectinstitute.org.

More Information:

Key Responsibilities

  • Implementing the Insect Institute’s interventions. This might include, but not necessarily be limited to, activities like:
    • Working with legislators on, e.g., environmental issues related to the adoption of insects as food and feed
    • Outreach to regulators in US executive agencies or UK ministries on, e.g., food safety issues related to insect farming
    • Outreach to and collaboration on projects with other NGOs, such as environmental, public health, or animal welfare organizations
    • Drafting press releases and conducting outreach to journalists
  • Especially for more senior levels, taking initiative to, e.g., identify ways to improve on current interventions, or to identify opportunities for new interventions
  • If hired at a more senior level, potentially managing others, especially as the Insect Institute expands in the future
  • For candidates with suitable skills, potentially some degree of research and report writing


  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to credibly and persuasively represent the Insect Institute’s positions to other stakeholders
  • We do not require starting familiarity with relevant academic domains (e.g., environmental science, public health, animal welfare, entomology) or with the state of the insects as food and feed industry. However, the candidate should possess the ability to gain familiarity as needed, and to proactively stay abreast of developments
  • Adaptability, flexibility, and willingness to proactively do what is necessary to give the Insect Institute’s projects the greatest chance of success


If you do not meet all of the below criteria, please still consider applying. Please also take an expansive interpretation of the below criteria (e.g., if you are not sure whether your work experience is relevant, err on the side of assuming it might be).

  • Relevant work experience (such as, e.g., work in policy, advocacy, or alternative proteins). Relevant backgrounds might include but are not limited to, e.g.:
    • Outreach to legislators or relevant government agencies (such as the USDA or FDA in the US, or Defra or the FSA in the UK), especially if on relevant issues (environment sustainability, food safety, etc.)
    • Work within such government agencies, especially if on relevant issues
    • Work in an NGO, such as one focused on the environment, alternative proteins, food safety, or animal welfare, doing work similar to that mentioned in the “key responsibilities” above
    • Experience managing others, especially in working on relevant issues
  • Expertise in a relevant academic domain (including but not necessarily limited to, e.g., a degree and/or academic publications in agricultural science, environmental science, public health, disciplines related to food safety, animal welfare, entomology, etc.)
  • Ability and willingness to contribute to research and report writing as needed
  • Willingness to occasionally travel (e.g., for conferences and meetings)





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This new organization looks very interesting, but I think that it would be good to provide more information about it. I expect applicants might want answers to questions such as:

  • What is the Insect Institute's general strategy? What is it hoping to achieve?
  • (Expanding on the above) does the Insect Institute aim to improve insect welfare, or to oppose insect farming, or just to provide information (as the website text states)? This question was asked on a separate forum post, and I think it would be better if the answer was given to anyone reading the forum.
  • Does it take a particular position on the sentience of insects?
  • How does the organization intend to achieve its goals? Is it planning to scale up, or work with others in the animal welfare space?

I hope this is of some help in finding a good candidate!

Nice! This is open to people in Europe, right? 

Yes! It depends on the specifics, but we can hire in most European countries, and (if needed) in some cases can try to help with relocation, etc.


Exciting opportunity! What sort of formal education is preferred for this position? Is it okay to apply just with an undergrad in life sciences, or more advanced degrees are required? 

Hi! There are no specific formal education requirements, though relevant qualifications are desirable, as mentioned in the "preferred" section.

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