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I am an undergraduate majoring in applied math and I am trying to spin towards alignment research. I am finishing up a course in the math of machine learning offered by UIUC. Towards helping others who are in a similar position, I've been working on an article about who might be well-suited for the course, the concepts that you learn about, and ultimately how helpful the course is in becoming a better alignment researcher in comparison to other avenues. At this time I am still writing the post, but I am not very certain about the verity of even the core arguments that I make. So I hope that I can get feedback from others. If the article has misconceptions, the feedback would help me rectify them before I publish this for public viewing. (A potential counterpoint is that the voting mechanism would result in the prominence of the post organically being reduced if many people find fault with it.)

Send me a message or comment if you're interested. I appreciate anyone who'd be willing to provide feedback on this.

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