Why You should Participate: 

You could design a T shirt that'd be seen by hundreds of people and increase awareness of EA. And win $300. Entries close on the 6th of March 2022 at 11:59pm EST.


EAGxBoston could be one of the largest EA conferences ever, which means that it will be a great place to distribute EA related ideas, literature, and merchandise. We intend to give each attendee a free piece of merch for attending (likely a t-shirt or a hat or something similar). If the design on this piece of merch is interesting and widely appealing, this would 1) make the item more likely to be used or worn in public, which would  2) lead to more people potentially being interested in EA through the design of the item (an example is this T-shirt designed by Harvard EA). 


T-shirt design by Harvard EA - "Minimize existential risk"

How To Participate:

Submit your design using this form. Entries close on the 6th of March 2022 at 11:59pm EST.


About EAGxBoston: 

EAGxBoston 2022 will be happening from the evening of the 1st of April to the evening of the 3rd of April 2022, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, in Boston MA. (Applications are open until the 21st of March). The attendees are largely going to be college students and young professionals, ranging from intro-fellowship level to highly engaged, and we encourage you to apply, especially if you’re US-based! We think the event will provide a lot of value for attendees, even those who might be typically more inclined to only apply for EAGs.

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Hi, Are there any requirements for the design, please? Should it include the EA logo? Any specific quote? Use of branding? Area of printing? Will the shirt be gray, black, and/or white? "EAGxBoston 1-3 April 2022" tag should be added?

Hi - thanks for these good questions :)

  • Ideally the design will have no more than two colors
  • We already have a conference logo, so you could incorporate the EA logo into your design, but it is not necessary
  • We don't have a specific requirement for the use of text, or what text to use. 
  • Ideally the design will be for the large front portion of a T shirt
  • You can choose what single, solid-color T shirt you'd recommend to use, but we won't guarantee the use of that color because of constraints which the vendor might have

Awesome! And where could I get the conference logo? It should be on the T-shirt, right? :)
Thanks a lot for all the answers!

We don't want the conference logo on the T-shirt - people think it will make attendees less likely to wear it frequently 

Hi Kaleem, any news on the results? Or when can we expect them?

Sent! I sure hope I got the requirements right :D

Noted! Thank you!