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Did Fortify Health receive $1 million from EA Funds?

by HStencil 1 min read26th Nov 201919 comments


Fortify Health appears to have received a new, $1-million GiveWell Incubation Grant in June 2019 (distinct from the ~$300,000 grant it received in June 2018). If I understand correctly, CEA’s Global Health and Development Fund has been the default funding source for GiveWell Incubation Grants since at least around that time. Was it the source of Fortify Health’s grant? (Fortify Health's blog post suggests that it was.) If so, is there any particular reason that isn’t reflected on the EA Funds website?

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Hi HStencil, Catherine from GiveWell here—you're right that the grant was made from the EA Fund for Global Health and Development. Our page publishing process can take a long time, so we haven't yet published our write-up on the grant on GiveWell.org, but we're planning to in the future. We expect that information to be shared on the EA Fund page once it is published.