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EAGx organizers from many different countries are uniting to deliver a program of events spanning all time zones, bringing together the global EA community for a weekend of connection and reflection. The collective name for these events: EAGxVirtual 2020

Applications will be open until the beginning of the conference on Friday, 12 June. However, if you wish to be considered for mentorship programs or helping to moderate content, please apply by Monday, 18 May. (Apply using this form.)

Details on the conference

The main focus of EAGxVirtual will be one-on-one meetings between attendees, but there will also be a range of live and pre-recorded content including talks, live Q&As, speed meetings, and group discussions. We also encourage attendees to suggest and organize their own content for the week following the event; we may publicize this content on our official schedule. (If you're interested in organizing content, please email virtual@eaglobalx.org with details.)

We hope to attract a large audience of first-time and returning attendees from around the world. The conference will be suitable for anyone who has had at least minimal involvement with EA (for example, if they've read a few articles or a book). If you’re a complete newcomer, then we recommend engaging with some introductory EA content first.

We are looking forward to an inspiring conference with you!

Pay what you want

Putting on an event like this requires a lot of time and other resources. We’re putting in a lot of effort to make it a great experience — but we don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone.

As a result, we’re running EAGxVirtual on a 'pay what you want' basis. Our suggested price is $40, with a minimum contribution of $5. If everyone who registers pays $40, we estimate we’ll cover our costs.

As in past years, we also have a 'benefactor' option that lets you pay for your own ticket and also support another attendee; this will be a suggested $80 contribution.

Refer a friend

Do you know someone who could be a great attendee? Please nominate them!


This conference is a collaboration between EA Berlin, EA Leipzig, EA Hamburg, effektiv-spenden.org, and the Centre for Effective Altruism.




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Thanks so much to those involved in organizing! I wanted to share that I found the registration process (with its 40 or so questions, many requiring detailed information) quite onerous and I can imagine that it might deter some people from submitting completed applications. While this might sometimes be useful for a physical conference, to ration spots in part on the basis of the amount of effort put in, I can't as easily see how it would be useful for a virtual conference. But I may simply be insufficiently creative!

Thanks for the feedback, Tyler!

To clarify: most of these questions aren’t actually *application/registration* questions for the event. Rather, they are meant to help us gather information about the community, and most are optional. I notice that you applied on May 12th - we have since gotten feedback that we should clarify that point, so we tried to make a clear distinction between the small number of application questions and the larger number of information-gathering questions. Half of the attendees got an especially long application form and shorter registration form, where the other half got a long registration form and shorter application form.

We hope to use this information to understand the different types of users that we attract and what kinds of content and interactions provide the most value, to help us get a better sense of the value EA Global and CEA as a whole provide the community.

I hope the length of the application doesn’t serve as too much of a deterrent. We don’t have many barriers to entry for this event (ticket prices are on a sliding scale starting at $5, and we expect to admit most applicants who aren’t completely new to EA), and we are hoping it can be the biggest event yet. So far, we have more than 1000 applications, so it looks like we could be on track! I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for clarifying all of this! Given that most questions are optional I no longer have this concern, and I'm glad that you've clarified this on the application.

Much looking forward to seeing you there as well!

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