Seeking Advice: Arab EA

by Bojack1 min read31st Jan 202017 comments



EDIT: I edited this fairly heavily such that some comments don't make sense. Sorry about that. If you came looking for advice PM me and I will be glad to help.

I'm an EA currently living in Saudi Arabia. I'm fairly knowledgeable about EA, so I thought that running a local group would be of high value. But I had some reservations due to some reasons. Namely

(1) I'm only 18, and not yet in college (Gap year). So I will probably be younger than other members. This means that they (potential EA's) may be less inclined to accept some of the ideas, thus risking "lock-in" of the idea that EA is for western-influenced kids.

(2) I'm not a citizen, but I'm Arabic, and there is some discrimination against foreigners.

(3) lack of Arabic EA content, and the scarcity of English speakers here.

II. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS • Translate EA content to Arabic. (Falls into the problem of "lock in") • Write Saudi/friendly content and hope that it affects some people to start local chapters. ( • Wait till I'm in university and join a local group there.

I'm hoping to get tips and/or advice from EA's who are/were in a similar situation.