Epistea Workshop Series: Epistemics Workshop, May 2020, UK

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Hi all!

We are excited to announce the Epistea Epistemics Workshop! This is the first out of a series of 3 workshops happening in Europe, organized and run by the Epistea team.


  • What: a 3.5 day workshop focusing on improving our epistemics and habits of belief formation
  • When: May 14th (Thu) - May 18th (Sun) (With optional and recommended stay until Monday morning)
  • Where: in proximity to Oxford, UK
  • Price: 400£ (In case you hesitate to apply because of financial issues, let us know.)
  • Who are we: the Epistea team and external instructors
  • Application deadline: Sun, 15th of March 

Sign up here!

For more information, visit our website or send us an email at rationality@epistea.org.

We are looking forward to spending some exciting workshop days with you!


The Epistea team

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Having attended a previous workshop, I'd wager that this iteration would likely be interesting, and the team, which seems to have remained constant since then, is brilliant.

They might, however, want to write all the information from the workshop webpage directly into this post, which right now is perhaps too much on the terse side.