I'm looking into considerations when setting up a new nonprofit, especially regarding whether some countries are far more suitable than others. One of the most common considerations brought up in materials I can find on my own are related to taxation, but I'm also interested in other practical factors. For example, the amount of continuous bureaucracy, how important it is to also live in the same country, benefits other than tax-related etc.

I currently live in an EU country and would prefer to continue living in the EU – the exact country is less important – unless there are significant advantages somewhere else.

  1. Do you know of good resources (websites, threads, documents) that discuss these things in-depth?
  2. Can you personally give some pros and cons of starting a nonprofit in the country where you did?
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IIRC in some countries have very high tax deductibles for donations to the point where you essentially decide whether to pay taxes or donate. I always thought that was kind of a big deal, but haven't looked into much. If true, it seems like you could just convince some people to donate to you instead of paying taxes with very low opportunity costs. This would make fundraising very easy.