The Czech Association for Effective Altruism (CZEA) is a national level organization which has been around for over four years. We do community building, organizing events and incubating new projects. Our past projects include: the Human-Aligned AI Summer School, organizing CFAR workshops in Europe, Effective Thesis, AI Safety Camp and AI Safety Research Program, CFAR Alumni rEUnion and more.

You can read about our goals in our Strategy. If you are curious about our track record, we put together the "Ultimate" Report - an overview of our brief history, past projects and activities as well as how we think about our impact.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, especially financially. People and organizations all need help, at the same time, fewer people are in a position to have disposable income and donate to others. Nevertheless, if you are in a position to do so, consider reading about what we do and supporting our work. If you have questions, we will be responding in comments, or you can send us an email.

We use marginal funding mainly to incubate new early-stage projects which do not yet qualify for grants. Incubation happens primarily by investing in people who develop and execute the early-stage projects [1] .

You can donate via our payment gateway (we also accept Bitcoin). If you are in the US, your donation is not eligible for tax deduction. It is usually possible in Europe, please contact Kristina Němcová for more information.

Many thanks to everyone who choses to support our work, we appreciate it!

For the Czech EAs,

Irena, Kristina, Jiří, Pája, Daniel

  1. The cost of living here is relatively cheap and so are salaries - investing into direct work is therefore comparatively cheaper here. ↩︎




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Thanks for posting this, I really like the section on "How we think about impact",  and the overall history was really interesting. I hope other groups also post similar things, I think it would really help newer organisers to see the way a community might grow and develop. 

One small suggestion: I'd love to see all the past long reports from especially the early years (if they exist) linked in that document.

The strategy doesn't seem to be available anymore. The link gives me "404 - page not found".