For background, see my previous post and the Facebook group. We are looking for people to sign up to create and submit videos for Project for Awesome. Videos must be submitted by 11:59 am (noon) EST on Wednesday, February 10th.

Here is the signup sheet.

Some resources, although keep an eye on the Facebook group for more:

  2. How to Make a P4A video in 20 Minutes or Less
  3. EA Project for Awesome Resources 2019
  4. A document to collect resources and instructions


The following text is copied from this post:

Alright, the votes are in, here are the 10 charities we will be making videos for this year:

  1. GFI
  2. Wild Animal Initiative
  3. GiveWell's Maximum Impact Fund
  4. The Humane League
  5. AMF
  6. Clean Air Task Force
  7. Centre on Long-Term Risk
  8. John Hopkins Centre for Health Security
  9. Compassion in World Farming USA
  10. GiveDirectly

A quick note that this is *many* more charities than we have coordinated around for previous P4As. If a handful of these charities don't receive a critical mass of video-makers by Feb 6th, we might cut some of these from the list, so we can ensure a critical mass of videos for each charity.

If there is an effective charity you want to make sure is represented, be sure to sign up! [link in the comments below]




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