I've made a bar chart plotter for the EA survey results (including only data from respondents who said they could be called an EA), which lets you choose the categories to plot.  In addition to the survey being unrepresentative of the broader EA community in unknown ways (see, e.g., the discussion in the report), this interface lets you make lots of different comparisons that weren't pre-registered: I'd strongly advise against doing any serious statistics with the results.  But still it's fun to explore!

Some examples follow.

The age breakdown:

The median donation in each age group:

The percentage of income donated by members of various EA groups (people can belong to more than one group):

Others have noted the relatively low number of EA's currently donating 10% or more of their income; this observation does not apply to Giving What We Can members, who appear to be following their pledge.  (Many GWWC members are full-time students, who are not required to donate 10%.)

Data is from the EA survey data on GitHub, and the graphics library I used was d3.js.




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I wonder if its worth thinking about reaching out to 40+ people re: effective giving? Anyone tried this seriously?

Could you elaborate?

Median donations seem a lot higher from your graph. They're closer to end of life bequests. They're probably quite receptive if they're going through a midlife crisis type thing of questioning the materialism that they have perhaps devoted their lives to so far. They might have really useful networks to tap. They are a lot easier to target in terms of previous track record of success.

Although, I don't know if the 40, 50+ people in the survey just happen to be people like skype / paypal founders / facebook management and so aren't representative.

I'm asking if anyone has seriously thought about this kind of target group because I want to learn from what they've found. I can easily imagine that this is a rabbit hole / its really hard to find the right target group within that demographic.


To clarify, by "40+ people", you mean "people age 40 or older"?

This is useful and cool - thanks!