In addition to providing immediate assistance through donations, can there be an effective (albeit longer-term) strategy of disinvesting one's personal assets of Russian investments?  For example, is there a listing somewhere of mutual funds that should be avoided since a significant component of their holdings support Russia?  I've been researching data for individual funds, but have found it tedious.  I haven't found such a compilation.  Does anyone know if one exists?




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My guess is that divesting your private investments isn't going to be an especially leveraged/impactful way to address the situation, and that you might consider spending the time you would spend researching this might be better spent finding direct donation opportunities, and sharing the results. But don't put a lot of weight on that.

This is a good analysis of divestment in general.

If you really want to commit time to this, you could consider advising OpenPhil or EA funds on divestment with their funds. There is a case for doing it, they just haven't done it yet. And funds of their size can make a lot more impact for not significantly larger amount of work.

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