tl:dr; there is a support group for those dealing with FTX legal proceedings on

A while back, I asked this question looking for anyone navigating the FTX "clawbacks" and related matters. A few folks got in touch, but it's become clear there's no dedicated space for open discussion about FTX, where people can exchange experiences and advice. While I'm not a legal expert or directly involved in these proceedings, I see the value in having a place for affected individuals to coordinate, share their costs, experiences and strategies.

As the attorneys handling the FTX bankruptcy are now beginning to process smaller claims, including individual grants (leading to an increase in messages to me), I've decided to take the initiative and kick-start some default coordination. I've set up a Discord server for this purpose.

If you know anyone who might benefit from joining this community, please spread the word. They can contact me for more information or directly join the Discord server using this link: (note there's a simple verification process upon joining).

It's an experiment. I am not sure it will be useful or will survive, but I think it's worth the shot!

Update: See Jason's warning in the comments about potential dangers of what to share and what to do.

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I'd caution everyone that discussions with peers would be potentially discoverable in litigation. I do not mean to imply the possibility of discovery is a sufficient reason not to have those discussions, but I think people do need to be aware.

If I were a smaller grantee, I'd be considering the possibility of seeking joint representation with similarly-situated individuals/entities, and perhaps giving the attorney permission to seek a aggregate settlement of all claims against those grantees. It's clear to me that the least desirable place for the monies to end up is in the pockets of lawyers -- either your own or the estate's. Off the top of my head, I'd be cautious about joint settlement involving people/orgs who (had significantly different grant sizes or atypical defenses) and wanted to pay as little as possible.

Agree. I will link this to the post and also to the discord space.

As you write though, if everyone is afraid too much to even open up a discussion and cooperate, it's IMHO worse on expectation.

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