I will almost certainly fail,

and all this, everything,

will amount to nothing.

And yet this, to have tried,

to have imagined

how wonderful the world could be,

and to have striven

for a piece of heaven,

to have toiled

for the things that might…

Time’s almost up.

we may not reach it,

but if it’s coming,

I can hardly wait.


This is an experimental post. If you do not want to see posts like this on the EA Forum, or if they should be posted elsewhere, kindly let me know in the comments or via DM.

I am posting under a pseudonym and wish to remain anonymous.




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I liked this, and am happy for this to have been a post. Maybe putting [short poem] in the title could help calibrate people on what to expect?

I love this poem, very unsure but maybe it feels more like a quicktake than a post? Could easily be wrong though. Anyway, thanks I found some encouragement here :).

Thank you, Nick. I was also unsure about this (quick take vs. post). If people could weigh in by agreeing or disagreeing, I would appreciate it.

I really don't think it matters much. Encourage you to post more too.

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