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 We are looking for relevant resources for our Mental Health Program for Effective Altruists. 


In the Czech Association for Effective Altruism, we have identified some of the most prevalent mental health problems. It seems that these issues are present in other EA groups as well (based on the global surveys and discussions with mental health professionals in the EA space). We have received the EA Infrastructure Grant to design this mindfulness-based program. 


We want to support Effective Altruists (EAs) in improving the world and the long-term future through improving their mental health and long-term motivation.

We aim to create an international mindfulness-based program with the following three main goals:

  1. Through evidence-based mindfulness and psychotherapy techniques, we want to help:
    1. EAs to prevent or overcome some common issues (as mentioned in the following section).
    2. EAs to experience and internalize some of the EA concepts that may feel abstract and difficult to relate to (ex. widening the circles of compassion to future generations)
  2. Develop a sense of openness and connectedness in the EA community.


We plan to design an online program with weekly readings in workbooks and meetings (fellowship style). People can participate in one introductory course (four weeks) and, if they like it and find it valuable, they can continue with one more in-depth course (four weeks).

  • Four weeks of the introductory course with the following themes:
    • Introduction, working with emotions and needs
    • Self-Compassion
    • Widening the Circles of Compassion
    • Relating to Others
  • Four weeks long in-depth course with the following themes:
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Working with Feelings of Blame and Guilt
    • Preventing Burnout, Long Term Motivation
    • Cooperation and Supporting others

How can you help us?  

  • Please add relevant resources into the shared document (more info on which are relevant there).
  • You can also subscribe to our newsletter and help us with testing the workshops.
  • We would be grateful for your feedback via email (kosikova.terezie@gmail.com, kristyna@stastna.cz). 

Many thanks. We will also be very happy to discuss the project further, and please feel free to contact us!

Terezie Kosíková

a former grantee on Community Building Grant and coach (Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, and CBT coaching)

Kristyna Šťastná 

a psychology student focusing on cognition in depression and a CBT therapist in training.




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