Hi everyone! 

As per my previous few posts about my new project www.teachingyouhowtolearn.com (link to site here), I'd love to build a community of EAs who are passionate about meta-learning (i.e. have been using Anki/ SuperMemo for a while & believe that getting these tools & concepts to more people could have a big positive impact) in order to build some EA flashcard decks & help with meta-learning advocacy more broadly. 

A brief outline of what I think collaboration on this project could look like/ involve is found in this Google Doc

In brief, I'd like to have a group of people working on making flashcard decks from various foundational EA texts, as well as potentially writing meta-learning guides/ testimonials for the website. 

So if you're a bit of a meta-learning nerd like me and would be interested in getting involved please get in touch, either in a comment here, a PM, or emailing me at alexanderklarge@gmail.com :) 

Here's a link to the project Google Drive folder too, and to the Whatsapp group :) 




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I'm interested. I'll PM you. Also, a google doc with a roadmap 😍 Sign me up. 

Just wanted to say I very much like the idea, although I'll probably not get involved myself. I was very happy about the anki deck of EA key numbers that was published two months ago, and would find it great if there were more ways to easily add important EA ideas to one's anki deck (e.g. you mention the 80,000 Hours key ideas in the google doc, great idea!).

Amazing, thanks for the comment! I'm definitely aiming to do some more foundational EA texts soon so keep an eye on the forum / subscribe to the newsletter on the website for updates :) Just time constrained currently!

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