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There's never been a better time to begin forecasting in Metaculus's Q2 2024 Cup because there's never been another time to begin forecasting in Metaculus's Q2 2024 Cup. Four questions (linked below) kick off the series, with Community Predictions hidden as of this posting. 

If you haven't forecast in a previous Quarterly Cup, start forecasting

If you've never made a prediction before, start forecasting

If your Metaculus medal case is already well-stocked, continue forecasting

As it says in the promotional image above, the Quarterly Cup is the perfect place for fast feedback so you can improve your abilities and subsequently show them off: There are new questions every week. They resolve quickly. If you aren't currently calibrated, you will become calibrated. 

Winners receive medals, bragging rights, and handsome branded merch. 

The first batch

Q1 2024 Winners

The top three finishers out of 715 are:

  1. lbiii
  2. draaglom
  3. forecastooor

This quarter saw a number of significant events including (with forecast questions linked):

The top 15 places on the leaderboard




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