The Future of Life Institute, as many will know, was one of the first organizations to make major efforts in AI and AGI policy and governance, and remains one of the central players. Starting with the Puerto Rico conference in 2015, FLI has sought to bring together AI builders, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to understand the opportunities and risks of advanced AI, and to develop and advocate for policies for its better and safer governance.

The FLI policy group is expanding, and with an upcoming departure from the team we are hiring for a key post of Director of US Policy. This will be a highly impactful position, playing a central role in FLI's policy efforts, which – given FLI's resourcing, activity, and ambition – are in turn are likely to play a significant role in AI and AGI policy and governance.

This position will be based near Washington DC, Sacramento CA (or the SF Bay Area), with responsibilities in the near term including:

  • Promoting the adoption of future-proofed AI policy by US states, with an initial focus on California and its legislature;
  • Coordinating input from across our network to help ensure that the NIST AI Risk Management Framework is as strong as it can be;
  • Raising awareness among federal policymakers about the importance of AI ethics and safety, and monitoring relevant developments such as the creation of a National AI Research Resource;
  • Hiring and managing an additional FLI representative in the alternative location to your own, either in D.C. or California, as well as managing external professionals providing support to FLI in its advocacy.
  • Tracking U.S. national and NATO policy on autonomous weapons, and providing feedback on the ongoing revision of the DoD's autonomy directive;
  • Maintaining relationships with the National AI Advisory Committee, the Partnership on AI, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and similar organisations

Many of the potential applicants for this role will already know FLI and it's work. But not all will; nor will everyone relevant know about this available position, so please spread the word to those who you think may be interested!

The job posting is here, with a deadline of August 14. Happy to field any question here, and I will also be at EA Global SF July 29 and 30.




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