When I was looking at jobs some time back, I wanted to join an EA-aligned company but felt frustrated that most of the EA job boards had niche roles that were not of my background or interest. I was sure there are companies out there doing valuable work, but they weren’t showing up on these boards. So I thought it might be helpful to have a directory of this. 

Similar to how Good On You has a directory of retail companies, I'm envisioning a "glassdoor" of sorts for candidates to get further insights into exactly how companies are impacting areas they care about and way to keep companies accountable.

After an analysis of the metrics from the following places (wiki forum ea-related orgs, givewellgoodonyou), I thought the following might be helpful metrics to measure an organization against:

  1. Transparency of results - do they publish reports on findings, showing where they succeeded and how they fell short?
  2. Cost-effectiveness - how much do their efforts impact their mission or external goals they set?
  3. Have a mission aligned with a cause are EA finds pressing. This directory would also include companies that don't seem to be EA-aligned, and perhaps reveal what else good (or not so good) they are doing.
  4. Are recommended by an EA-driven charity,  EA-driven job board, or EA-driven entrepreneurship (charity entrepreneurship).
  5. Impact on climate - are there side effects to the environment from what they’re trying to do? And to what degree?
  6. Donations - do they give to organizations outside of their mission? Whether by time (volunteering) or money.
  7. Leadership - is the leadership trusted with ethical decisions?

This brings me to two questions:

  1. Is this something that would be useful to people?
  2. Where could data be found for the mentioned metrics? I know there are places like Annual Reports and you might find more detail in blogs on the organization's website, but are there any other resources useful to know?



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I think this could be useful, a couple of things come to mind:

  • People weigh all those different metrics differently, so there would need to be a way for people to search/filter/combine the different metrics in weird and wonderful ways
  • It would need to be rigorously kept up to date as the organisations listed grow and change