Sign up for our online intro session on working with your inner parts. Wed or Thur, 28./29.6. 19:00-21:00 CEST.

Might working with inner parts be valuable to you? How does it work? How can you learn it? Sign up here in 1 min to attend our 2- hour online intro workshop on Internal-Family-Systems (IFS) next week. Spaces are limited. The only thing we ask of you in return: lots of feedback to improve our intro session!

Rethink Wellbeing will host a pilot session to explain how Internal-Family-Systems (IFS) works and explore concerns and use cases with you. IFS is a simple and powerful self-help tool of self-growth for working with parts of your psyche and provides helpful techniques to converse with yourself and upgrade your inner dialogue.  After learning and practicing, you can use it in your daily life to resolving inner conflict quicker and quickly. People report this helps them to resolve deep-seated emotional issues, break out of dysfunctional behavior patterns, and to improve relationships with yourself and others.
The session will be hosted by Jason Digges, a thought leader in the Authentic Relating Community.
By attending this pilot session, you will help us find the most engaging intro to our IFS program. Be prepared to provide lots of feedback and get our eternal gratitude for supporting us in building these programs to support the community!

You can sign up here.




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