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Cost-Effectiveness of COVID mitigation policies per country / globally

by tbop1 min read16th Jul 20201 comment



Hi everyone,

I must say that if there was one place on the Internet where I was hoping to find a myriad of open reflections on the matter it would have been here on this forum. Sadly none of the threads seem to neither address nor answer this topic.

Would anybody have recent estimates of the marginal cost to save a COVID life per country?

I remain quite frustrated by the lack of information and attempts to do so. I believe Sweden had done some research on this but has not yet published any public report.

I've found a report from the IMF here that could help us figure this out potentially: https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2020/07/10/Tracking-the-Economic-Impact-of-COVID-19-and-Mitigation-Policies-in-Europe-and-the-United-49553

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I'm a bit intrigued that this very important question involving probably one of the most important pandemics of the century has not yet triggered any interest here. :)