[edited to correct the misspelled the word 'hair']

Due to the pandemic lockdowns, many people have much longer hair than before. If you want to get back to normal or just want to change your looks, consider donating your hair to make whips (usually for people with cancer, normally children), which are otherwise quite expensive.

Just search in the internet what is the easiest procedure where you live. I did it twice: the first time I had to send my hair by post to some organisation, and the second time I happened to live close by a hair dresser that collaborates with another organisation, so I just needed to go there to get my hair cut and they took care of everything.

The "conditions" vary from organisation to organisation, but obviously your hair has to be long enough to be able to donate it (count on at least ~20cm after being cut), and they usually prefer hair that has never been coloured.

It is a pity I haven't thought on writing this post before, but there is still a significant amount of people that may be interested.

If you also did it already, it would be interesting to see your experience in the comments. For me, it was always super easy —therefore, effective— and rewarding.




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Hi mikbp! While it's possible that some people downvoted because of the spelling mistake (which I think shouldn't happen), I was inclined to downvote, too, mainly because when I clicked on the post I was hoping to find some details on why this is an important problem, how long my hair needs to be, how long a donation takes, what good my hair donation could do, upsides and downsides etc. Your post seems more like a call to action and maybe could have been a shortform instead! 😉

Also, from a fellow non-native speaker to another: There are many Websites and online Tools that will proofread your texts (grammar, spelling, etc.), maybe you want to play around with them a bit? I think this could really help to improve your writing and make it more appealing and understandable to other forum users! :)

Ok, thanks. Edited to add an approx min length and that whips are expensive. I didn't state any specific length because the minimum depends on the organisation, but yes, a guideline is good. More than that... there is actually nothing. It is super easy to do and it is common sense that many people who don't have hair because of cancer are really not comfortable with this, and specially for children this makes them stand out and be an easy target for jokes and comments. For those that struggle with money, this is very valuable —at an almost negligible cost for us. Downsides? Having colder ears? ;-) I'm not asking people who don't want to cut their hair to do anything, I'm saying if you want to cut yours, consider donating it.

Re shortform: I actually first clicked on it but: 1) I wrote the post in the phone, 2) there was no title line, 3) I've never wrote (or read, I think) a shortform 4) I have not written the post for several weeks already. So 2) looked weird and because of 1) and 3) I was not sure that everything was fine, and because of 4) I didn't want to delay more writing the post (which often leads me to not writing any post at all). So I went to the safe option of writing a (short) post (which I don't think is not adequate as I've read quite a few very short posts, also by notable EAs, and nobody complained in the comments or seemed to have downvoted). This also explains the rough writing. I have to note here that I've red several times posts from the forum masters asking people to write rough/short/half-baked posts as it is much preferable than not writing them at all.

hear -> hair, right?

Yep, sorry!

I think this is a good idea, however:

I was initially confused until I realized you meant hair. According to Google hear isn't a word used for that purpose, the correct spelling is hair.

Yep, sorry! Not native here.

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