For the past two years, Facebook has counterfactually matched donations made on their platform the Tuesday after Thanksgiving until the funds have run out. The EA Giving Tuesday team has been attempting to coordinate the EA community around this match to direct as much of the funds as possible toward EA charities. Last year we were able to get 65% of EA donations matched, for a total of $469,000 counterfactually raised for effective charities. For more information, see our our retrospective from last year.

Facebook hasn’t made any announcements yet, but we think it’s likely they’ll do a repeat this year. If you’re interested in learning more about EA Giving Tuesday, getting your donations matched, or getting involved in any other way, please sign up on our website.

We believe that the usual reasons to be skeptical of donation matches don’t apply here, since the money would otherwise be going to charities of more typical effectiveness.

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