Open New York (ONY), NYC's YIMBY group, has officially incorporated as a 501(c)(4) organization and is now accepting donations! The following is quoted from today's mailing list announcement.

The initial startup costs for ONY totaled $3,500 for legal fees, payment processing setup, and other admin expenses. Raising that sum is our target for the month of January. Once we get that done, though, we can start to explore other ways to make a difference:

  • Paying for meeting space and materials. Flyers cost money; so does room rental for meetings and social events. Donating to ONY will ensure that these expenses can be met and expanded in the future.
  • Legislative help. ONY needs to expand our legislative intelligence—our knowledge of what bills are coming down the pike in the Council or in Albany, and our knowledge of the key players in making things happen. We've made big strides in this area, but could use more help—including professional help. Donating to ONY could help us understand the legislative landscape more effectively.
  • Full-time organizers. ONY would hugely benefit from having a full-time executive director to coordinate activities and meetings, guide our organizational strategy, and grow the organization through recruitment. Donating to ONY will help us demonstrate that we're a serious and sustainable organization, and put us on the path to hiring full-time staff and really putting the housing fight in NYC on the next level.

There are so many exciting developments going on with ONY right now—the SoHo fight [note: ONY is lobbying to upzone NoHo and Soho], incorporation, alliances with the YIMBY movement on the West Coast, YIMBYtown, the list goes on.

You can donate to Open New York here. Donations to ONY are not tax-deductible.




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