Creating EA Infrastructure (mainly websites)

Time estimate: 30-100 hours during 3-12 months

This project is itself trying to create new EA infrastructure for communities so that the efficiency of people in EA goes up and to get those sweet, sweet, expected utils. It is one of the most efficient ways to improve the speed of growth in the EA community, and there are many random things that you can make a lot easier for people. The following website is an example of an effectiveness increase as it streamlines EA group organisation: We also have our good old for the same reason, but it is not as streamlined. 

EA infrastructure is especially impactful for increasing the capacity of the earlier parts of the community funnel. To make an overgeneralisation, many EA people get sucked into the more significant projects and have no time over for the early career funnel. Yet, as we say in Sweden, "many small streams form a large river". I can create a website such as in around 5 hours for 100 dollars, which might generate some cascading value down the line (I hope). This can easily be streamlined, and the highest cost here is the server use which can be shared from multiple sites.

Updating EA Infrastructure

If that feels too difficult, one can help update and improve the previously made EA Infrastructure. One easy step is, for example, to find even better low-cost projects to run. On that note, if anyone is interested in helping to set up some projects, I would love some more help.