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I'm sure I'm not the only one curious about what types of projects were or were not funded during the first round. Also very interested in hearing from them on how the process went but I suspect that kind of internal review may take more time. 




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We're still finishing up about 30 more complicated applications (of ~1700 originally submitted). Then we're going to review the process, and share some of what we learned!

Sounds good, thanks for responding Nick!

CEO Nick B wrote that “funding applications will not be made public”, for what its worth. 

I think that's referring to something else (see the comment above his response). I completely understand the reasons for not releasing all submitted proposals to the public. 

I'm  asking for the final results of the round - simply, which projects were funded? This doesn't seem unreasonable to ask, as most foundations usually do release some information about who and what they fund. Also FTX feels like it's modeled a bit on YCombinator and they definitely release a list of startups funded each cycle. It's good for transparency, but even more so for helping future applicants get a sense of what a particular funding body wants to invest in. 

Tyler Cowen’s Emergent Ventures fast grants program also releases the funded project with a short summary of their work. Seems like a very good idea, though maybe not the highest priority for the FTX team right now.
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