Effectivealtruism.org has an incredible new design (seriously, whoever did this, holy moly you did a fantastic job). Featured prominently are books and articles on longtermism, as well as 80k material on how to do the most good with ones career.

I am happy that career advice is so prominently featured, but I worry that it all comes from an organisation that explicitly focuses on longtermist issues. To be clear, I don't mind that 80k is focused on longtermist stuff if they think that is how they can have the most impact. But I worry people wondering about their careers may get the wrong impression that EA careers are all about impacting the long term, since all of our career advice comes from a single organisation that has this as its focus.

Do we need better non-longtermist career material, or do 80k's articles and book serve that purpose well enough?

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