I am a member of Effective Altruism France, and I am working on a project that aims to identify some high impact charities in France, for each cause area. 

The goal is to get tax-deductible charities, which is especially relevant to France since it has a very generous tax deductibility policy (66%, meaning that the impact of a donation can be effectively tripled compared to donating in other countries). So the recommended charities could be up to 3 times less effective than international ones.

There are a few charities recommended by EA evaluators already (see below), but we're trying to go further and recommend about 3-4 organizations per cause area (if at all possible). We're looking at the usual EA cause areas: global health and poverty, animal welfare, x-risk reduction (AI Safety, nuclear war, biorisks), and environmental damage (if you have another suggestion, go ahead!)

These charities may or may not work directly in France (Note: for global health and poverty, it's unlikely that working in France is more competitive than working in low-income countries - but I'm still interested by charities for those that want to donate to French only).

In this context, do you know some promising tax-deductible French charities?



Optional - More context about our method

In addition to checking recommendations from EA evaluators, we're using the method identified by EA Sweden. It aims to identify a number of experts (EA or non-EA) who are knowledgeable about  the topics above, and to exchange with them about what they think is effective, and to get feedback on other experts recommandations.

If you know some french experts on these topics, please tell us !


Several charities that are tax-deductible in France have been recommended by EA evaluators at some point. 

  • For Givewell: AMF, Hellen Keller International, and SCI Foundation.
    • They are not French, but are tax-deductible (because they have a French branch, or via Transnational Giving Europe).
    • I'm aware that some of them are not recommended anymore since there has been a change in Givewell's criterias, but Givewell still sees their program as strong.
  • For Animal Charity Evaluators: L214, Assiettes Végétales (through Anima International). 
    • Some also received a grant in the past: Convergence Animaux Politique, Agriculture Cellulaire France, Paris Animaux Zoopolis, World Day for the End of Fishing/Speciesism, Reseau Sentience, Césama 
  • Other: Oxfam received a recommendation from The Life You Can Save (less sure about this one - how does this apply to the French branch?

Note: Just because these charities are on the list doesn't mean we will automatically give a recommendation - this will depend on expert feedback 


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Miguel Lima Medín

Mar 08, 2023


Have you considered setting up a French foundation that would receive the funds from the donors and then allocate to several programs? There are several experiences in different countries: https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/get-involved/tax-deductibility

I personally donate through Ayuda Efectiva in Spain.

There's currently a project that currently attempts to do something kind of like that in France (though different on some aspects). It would be used as a way of making some international charities tax-deductible in France, if I understand correctly. 

However, setting this up is complicated from a legal standpoint, and there are uncertainties. It doesn't seem easy, on a legal standpoint. So we'll see how this goes.

Jérémy Perret
Assuming you're referring to Don Efficace [https://don-efficace.fr/], I thought I'd provide a link.