You can get funding for personal/professional development (coaching, therapy, continuing education, etc) from Nonlinear. 

They have an application deadline of Friday, March 29 2024. Apply for funding here

Nonlinear is supportive of those working in AI safety to apply to the Nonlinear Network for a personal/professional development budget. You can apply for funding for any kind of resources that you think would help you be more effective - e.g. coaching, therapy, tutors, classes, books, workshops, etc, as well as software/apps for all of the above.

Coaching and therapy in particular can provide many benefits, including improving mental health and wellbeing, increasing work performance, helping with processing difficult situations and emotions, becoming happier and healthier, acting in alignment with your values, and maximizing impact. For more info check out the EA forum content for Coaching and Wellbeing.

If you’re interested in searching for coaches and therapists in the EA, rationalist and adjacent communities, check out the Mental Health Navigator providers page. 




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