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I attended U Michigan and have masters degree in computer science/AI, minor in philosophy. I worked as a software dev manager for 11.5 years (Bloomberg, Amazon). I have deep experience in and passion for leadership, people management, work culture, coaching and building high performance teams. I'm offering leadership coaching pay-what-you-can for EAs: I'm also currently open to full/part time remote operations/technology management roles.

How others can help me

My goals are (1) To speak to as many people as possible about my EA-focused leadership coaching offering, and (2) connect with EA organization leaders and hiring managers and talk about my fit for open (or soon to be open) remote operations/technology manager jobs. 

Details on my leadership coaching offering: If you think you, your org or others you know could benefit from leadership coaching, please reach out! Or, if you have ideas/feedback about how I can provide the most value to EA with such a program, also please reach out! 

Details about my job search: I am particularly interested in people-operations management roles given my deep experience with people-management, hiring, coaching, career growth, performance management, work culture and team building. However I'd also be eager to consider broader operations roles and tech manager roles.

Anonymous feedback form:

How I can help others

If you're looking to improve your own, or your organization's leadership and people-management skills, reflect on ways to improve your work culture and increase the capacity of your org to do good, we should talk - please reach out! I am offering my services pay-as-you-can as I learn more about the needs of the EA community. Learn more here: If you want to sign up, submit your information here: 

If you're looking for an operations/people-operations/technology manager and are open to me working remotely (traveling 4-6 times per year is ok), we should talk - please reach out. I am primarily interested in working within AI safety, farmed animal welfare, alternative proteins, and climate change mitigation. However I am open to working within other longtermist cause areas.

If you think there's any other way I can help you, let's talk! 

I'd be happy to talk about leadership, organizational culture, people management, feedback, emotional intelligence, coaching, software development, working in industry for big tech companies, agile development practices, and continuous improvement.


This is a great idea! I participated in Toastmasters for a few years in my career and got a lot out of it. Public speaking is hard and getting practice in a low stakes setting was hugely beneficial for me. This allow you to get great feedback from other experienced presenters, and also helps desensitize yourself to the potential feelings of anxiety that can come from public speaking. I plan to be joining a few sessions and giving a talk myself! 

When is the next event and how do I sign up?

This is a great list. I agree there is high ROI on small actions that have to do with the flow of useful information, making and reinforcing connections, and giving feedback. It has also been my experience that people in EA have been highly likely to accept my 1-1 meetings even if the person doesn't know me nor do we have mutual connections. 

Going along with the feedback form idea and your statement "People can only assume what you want unless you tell them": I'd add to the list that quickly giving or asking for feedback from another person is super useful, especially after you've interacted with the individual for a while and you have rapport. It only needs to take a minute or two. Praise makes people feel good, stay motivated and double down on strengths. Criticism helps remove blind spots and shows that the giver cares about the growth of the receiver. When coming from a place of caring, these build trust. 

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  • Name: Adam Tury
  • Target roles: Operations Manager, Operations Generalist,  Technology Manager. 
  • Location: Various (UK/EU mostly, US sometimes)
  • Remote: Yes - I am only entertaining remote roles at this time. 
  • Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel 4-6 times per year for work. 
  • Skills: leadership, people management, coaching, career development, hiring, onboarding, software development management, software operations, operational excellence, organizational culture, performance management, Agile methodologies, continuous improvement, project/program management, business writing.
  • CV: 
  • CV Highlights: Studied CS, AI and philosophy at the University of Michigan, worked at Amazon for 6 years, worked as a people manager for 11.5 years, managed up to 25 people, promoted 12 people, gave 500+ interviews, led the delivery of product/technology roadmaps for several years.  
  • LinkedIn: 
  • EA Experience: 80000 Hours career course, 80000 Hours advising, EA virtual intro course, participated in EAG San Francisco, EAG Washington DC and EAGx Virtual. 
  • Cause areas: Meta-EA, AI-safety, alternative proteins (climate change + farmed animal welfare) are my preferred cause areas, but I'm open to other longtermist cause areas.  
  • Available: now. 
  • Email:
  • Note: I'm piloting a pay-what-you-can leadership coaching offering for current and aspiring EA managers. Email me for details.
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Me! I don't just enjoy people management, I am passionate about leadership and consider it to be my strongest skill set.

[I see I'm a bit late to the party on this once since the latest replies were in 2019. It seems like the underlying concern about lack of management capacity in EA organizations is still a pressing issue though. Does anyone strongly agree/disagree? Please comment as I'd love to chat further, or send me a message]

I have 11.5 years of experience managing software teams in industry (Amazon, Bloomberg). I'm now pivoting my career to EA and have been deeply engaged in the community for about 6 months. I love managing and growing high-performance teams, and scaled an organization from 8 people (1 team) to 25 people (3 teams). I take a people-oriented, supportive, coaching approach to management - this helps me find the win-win of happy employees who are learning and growing in their careers, and delivering amazing results. If someone reads this and is hiring for an operations or technology manager role in EA, please feel free to send me a message. My preferred cause areas are EA movement building, AI safety, and alternative proteins, but I'm open to other causes in order to gain experience and do good.  

I also am piloting a pay-what-you-can leadership coaching program for current and aspiring EA managers. If you're interested, send me a message!