Elliot Billingsley

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Educator and coach here to gain focus on what matters. Passionate about supporting people towards their goals. Use the link above to book time with me.

How others can help me

You can help me by getting clear on how you want to serve others.

How I can help others

I'd love to serve you as a coach towards your goals, with a focus on mental fitness and sage mindset. Please take a Saboteur Assessment at: https://www.positiveintelligence.com/saboteurs/


Will a list of the organizations represented at the Career Fair be published ahead of time?

Hello! I heard about EA in a podcast back in 2015, and have been in and out of the community since then. Now, I'm highly engaged (especially since EAG Boston last month!) and looking to contribute. Planning to post a proper intro soon, but wanted to dip my toes in with this thread. Cheers!

In the 1st paragraph of the summary, the link to the Happier Lives Institute website directs to a page that cannot be found. Would you please update it? Thanks!