I am looking for an analyst (remote is ok) that can help with 'custom cause/action prioritization' . 

There are certain cause areas I am interested to invest time and capital in (for ex. Global Governance, Energy Revolution, Intelligence Revolution) . However, within each I would like to run a quick INT (importance, neglectedness, traction) or similar prioritization frameworks, and take the subsets that stand out and run another cross-analysis with my personal character nuances, corporate and network resources, and my interests/goal dynamics to see which a) fits most the aforementioned criteria, b) most actionable with my resources.

I have an engineering background, so a quantitative analysis would be preferred. I assume my input would be the initial broad causes of interest, followed by a discussion on why I am interested in those, the analyst would then run an INT analysis on the subsets of these causes, followed by a discussion on  where I and my resources can fit and why. Short written reports (1-2 pages) should be a deliverable after each stage.

About me: I am an ex-deep tech entrepreneur  (robotics/automation) , have since exited and looking to direct my new investment vehicle towards the most fulfilling purpose. Based in Sweden.

This can be paid of course. Let me know if you're interested, a bit about yourself and your hourly rate.

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What's the required skillset/educational background for this role?

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Strong upvote, because I love this idea of delegating personal prioritization!

Curious about this, did you find someone?

Yes, I did!  But still looking for more interns