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I would love a physical copy of the newest version of the EA Handbook, and if one has a PDF file, you can use Blurb to get a book of it (much like this this method with HPMoR).

Does anyone know an easy way of transforming the handbook blogposts into a suitable file to print? 

Is this something CEA would even approve of? And how would you do with copyright in general?

Is this something other people would like, too?

*Personal preference for physical books over digital blogposts (in terms of enjoyment and easiness to pick up and read)
*Easy to hand out physically to people that are curious about EA and use at, for example, physical intro fellowships

*Possible time spent on making the PDF file.
*Highly inefficient when it comes to updates to the handbook.
*Does not contain the richness of links as the online version.

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Hi Simon, thanks for this question! We understand and are sympathetic to the benefits of making the handbook available as a PDF/printed book. For now, we don't have copyright/authors' permissions to do this and so we can't currently make the handbook into a printable version. If there is enough demand, we might re-visit and try to make this doable in the future.

Hi Jesse! Thanks for replying, and good to hear that you are also positive idea, even though  - the answer seems to be clear here.  I'll hold my thumbs for the future!

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