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CEA uni groups team updates - Fall 2022


Thank you very much Patricia! These have been updated.

Thanks for flagging, Simon! I've updated the formatting.

Thanks! The exercise in Session 7 is meant to encourage people to write their critiques:

Perhaps it's useful to make the writing suggestion more explicit/specific.

Thanks Vaidehi! I appreciate the concern about over-optimizing for organizer (and especially student) organizer experience. We're hoping to get feedback from many folks and integrate accordingly. The EAVP cohort is small and it was selected based on facilitator capacity - it isn't meant to be purely representative or the last time we'll get feedback from those types of users.  

Yes! We shared earlier drafts of this handbook with a number of potential users (especially uni group organizers) and the handbook is now being piloted in an EAVP cohort, which is sending in-depth feedback. 

Answer by Jesse RothmanAug 15, 202220

Hi Simon, thanks for this question! We understand and are sympathetic to the benefits of making the handbook available as a PDF/printed book. For now, we don't have copyright/authors' permissions to do this and so we can't currently make the handbook into a printable version. If there is enough demand, we might re-visit and try to make this doable in the future.