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  • Animal Policy International seeks a full-time Public Affairs Manager in the UK to support the organisation’s policy and communications work.
  • Role description is available here.
  • Apply before June 30 by filling the form, applications reviewed on a rolling basis.


About Animal Policy International

Animal Policy International (API) focuses on ending factory farming through trade policy.

API is working with policymakers in regions with higher levels of animal welfare legislation to advocate for responsible imports that are in line with domestic laws. By applying equal standards, API aims to advance animal welfare in exporting countries with lower levels of animal welfare. An example of this is New Zealand, which has banned sow stalls and battery cages but imports products from this cruelty from China, Australia, Vietnam, and more.

About the role

API is looking for a Public Affairs Manager based in the UK. By working closely with the Government, producers and NGOs, the Public Affairs Manager will help drive forward our ask of legislative change in imports. 

The Public Affairs Manager will work with the Co-Executive Directors to create, develop and oversee policy strategies, monitoring and evaluation of policy work, research of stakeholders, delivering advocacy and communications work, representing the organisation at meetings and events with varied external stakeholders, in person. The Manager will need to be comfortable talking to a diverse range of stakeholders - from politicians and civil servants and to farmers and NGOs. The Manager will also organise events, prepare and organise reports and briefings.


Position Summary

  • Application deadline: June 30, applications reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Start date: asap, July-September 2024
  • Duration: initially 12 months
  • Hours: full time
  • Compensation: £34,000-54,000, depending on experience
  • Employment type:  Contractor
  • Location: Remote in the UK, preferably London or within short distance for ease of travel
  • Process: There will be 2 interviews and two tasks


Please note: While experience in public affairs and strong networks would be ideal for this role of Public Affairs Manager, we are also eager to consider candidates who may not have direct experience but demonstrate strong drive, determination and an aptitude for quickly developing expertise in this field. 

If you have any questions about the position, please reach out to Mandy Carter at mandy@animalpolicyinternational.org or if you are attending EAG London 31 May -2 June then you can find our Co-Executive Director Rainer Kravets there. If you know any people who might be interested, then please don't hesitate to share this post with them!




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