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Hi EA-ists,

I'm Dan, the new CTO of Metaculus. If you're not familiar with Metaculus, we've been building a forecast platform for the public good since 2015, and we recently hit 1M forecasts! I got this job in part because of Metaculus's previous hiring post linked above, so I'm happy to share we now have more openings.

For the first time, we're hiring more junior roles in addition to senior ones. See our openings for Full-Stack Engineers and Frontend Engineers. The other roles are at the top link.

This is a fantastic time to join Metaculus, for a few reasons:

  • We're well funded by Open Philanthropy, and we're paying competitive salaries and equity, under our new Public Benefit Corporation charter.
  • We're early in our engineering growth, so the next few hires will have a big influence on our long-term strategy.
  • There's been a recent surge in demand for forecasts. Our partners (like Our World in Data) have concrete use cases for turning better forecasts into better decisions. This is an opportunity for direct impact, in addition to the long-term vision of building better epistemic infrastructure for humanity.

If you're a recent grad, self-taught web developer, or otherwise early in your career, and you want to join a high impact, mission-driven, fun and ambitious learning culture, please apply now, and mention you came from the EA Forum!




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