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Who would you like to see do an AMA on this forum?

by nonzerosum1 min read25th Aug 20198 comments


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Either specific people, or general categories of people.

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4 Answers

I'd be interested in panel-style AMAs with a trio of people from an under-represented groups in EA. For example (not exhaustive):

people who are religious

people with disabilities

people who are intersex or non-binary

people who are over 25 and don't have an undergraduate degree

people who are over 40 (just generally!)

people who are a primary carer (for a child, an aging relative, someone who's sick)

Are people with disabilities or (especially) people who are intersex or non-binary under-represented in EA? My intuition is that there may be a greater proportion of them in EA than in the general population, but I haven't checked this. Or did you mean that their opinions, experiences, and perspectives might not be very visible?

3nonzerosum2yis anonymous_ea one person's username, or is it a catch all username for some kind of anonymity feature on this forum? I've long wondered if anonymous_ea is a regular username or not

I'm a single person using a single anonymous account :) Other anonymous accounts use other names.

2Khorton2yI actually meant the second; I'm really not sure about the first.

A list of people I can think of right now whose AMA I would at least consider asking a question on (non-exhaustive):

General categories: Employees at EA orgs, people with deep domain expertise in specific areas, EAs who've spent a long time researching a particular topic, EAs who want to do an AMA, non-EAs who want to do an AMA in good faith

Specific people: Toby Ord, Nick Beckstead, Nick Bostrom, Rob Wiblin, Ben Todd, Holden Karnofsky, Elie Hassenfeld, Kelsey Piper, Dylan Matthews, Nate Soares, Oliver Habryka, Julia Wise, Jeff Kaufman, Buck Shlegeris, Claire Zabel, Khorton, Larks, Jason Methany, Eric Drexler, Rachel Glennester, Michael Kremer, Peter Singer, Michelle Hutchinson, Holly Elmore, Kit Harris, kbog, Phil Trammell, Peter Hurford, Ozzie Gooen, Hilary Greaves, Julia Galef, Anna Salamon, Carl Shulman, Hauke Hillebrandt, Brian Tomasik, Luke Muehlhauser, Helen Toner, Scott Alexander, Simon Beard, Kaj Sotala, Tom Sittler, etc

Relevant people involved in potential top cause areas.