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 From the Flourish team, two announcements:

(1) Submissions deadline extended until 31st March

We've had the feedback that some students would like to submit, but wouldn't have been able to by the original deadline. This, in addition to some of our outreach going out later than planned, has led to us extending the deadline until 31st March. Get your papers in by 31st March if you want a chance of being in our first edition!

(2) £100 prizes for top paper of each format!

We're also announcing a collection of £100, awarded to the top  paper in each format: research paper, targeted topic essay and book review. (See the below format guide.) Each prizewinner will be chosen by our expert advisory team.

Please note that while we accept virtual art, art and other written art we are not currently offering a prize for this category. We may increase the number of prizes within a category if there are multiple truly exceptional papers.






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This seems like an interesting project!

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