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We're sharing some posts from the last week, which I shared in the most recent Digest. 

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We recommend:

  1. Scoring forecasts from the 2016 “Expert Survey on Progress in AI (PatrickL, 10 min) 
  2. How are Charity Entrepreneurship charities progressing? (Ula Zarosa, 7 min)  — and you can also suggest new charity ideas for CE (weeatquince, 4 min)
  3. Advice on communicating in and around the biosecurity policy community (ES, 8 min)
  4. Counterproductive Altruism: The Other Heavy Tail (Vasco Grilo, 8 min)
  5. Evidence on how cash transfers empower women in poverty (GiveDirectly, 2 min)
  6. Predictive Performance on Metaculus vs. Manifold Markets (nikos, 6 min)
  7. ​​Anthropic: Core Views on AI Safety: When, Why, What, and How (jonmenaster, 27 min)
  8. Comments on OpenAI's "Planning for AGI and beyond" (So8res, 16 min) (see also Questions about Conjecure's CoEm proposal)
  9. The Benefits of Distillation in Research (Jonas Hallgren, 6 min)
  10. 3 Basic Steps to Reduce Personal Liability as an Org Leader (Deena Englander, 2 min)
  11. Community & lifestyle
    1. Not all "EA" things are good (Chana Messinger, shortform) (see also: Against EA-Community-Received-Wisdom on Practical Sociological Questions)
    2. More Centralisation? (DavidNash, 2 min)
    3. On the First Anniversary of my Best Friend’s Death (Rockwell, 4 min)
    4. Abuse in LessWrong and rationalist communities in Bloomberg News (whistleblower67, 8 min)
    5. Veg*ns, what supplements do you take? (Stephen Clare, 1 min)

Updates and announcements:

  1. Opportunities & resources
    1. EA Infosec: skill up in or make a transition to infosec via this book club (Jason Clinton, Wim van der Schoot)
    2. Congressional Internships: Why and How to Apply (US Policy Careers)
    3. Call for AI Governance Cruxes by Rhyme, a History Consultancy (Lara_TH)
    4. Flourish: Deadline Extended + Prizes (Flourish Journal, Jemima)
  2. Updates & news
    1. Winners of the Squiggle Experimentation and 80,000 Hours Quantification Challenges (NunoSempere)
    2. Global catastrophic risks law approved in the United States (many authors)
    3. 80,000 Hours two-year review: 2021–2022 (80,000 Hours)
    4. What Has EAGxLatAm 2023 Taught Us : Retrospective & Thoughts on Measuring the Impact of EA Conferences (many authors)
    5. Misalignment Museum opens in San Francisco: ‘Sorry for killing most of humanity’ (Michael Huang)
    6. Introducing the new Riesgos Catastróficos Globales team (many authors)

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