[Link] Charity Election

by MichaelA1 min read19th Jan 2020No comments


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This is a link post for this short article: https://balcattashs.wa.edu.au/charity-election/

I was a high-school teacher for the last two years (though I'm moving into other roles now), and last year I ran a club based on the Students for High-Impact Charity materials, as well as a Charity Election in collaboration with The Life You Can Save. The linked article is about that election, and was written mostly by a student (who I never actually taught!) who joined my club and got really delightfully inspired and into EA ideas. (She and several others came in to help with the election during their holidays!)

It's not an article you're likely to learn all that much from - it's just a nice thing :)

(If anyone's interested in running similar clubs or elections, especially in schools, feel free to comment or message me. I'm not doing that anymore, but I could share a bunch of links, resources, and useful contact details, or just discuss my experience.)