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I will have a few billboards in Sofia around universities and tech-parks.

I am having hard time coming up with a catchy, provoking slogan that will grab people's attention and convey the importance of AI safety. What I have on my website as a slogan currently is "Shaping Tomorrow: Mitigating the risks posed by advanced AI systems". However, I don't think that tells the full story.

I am planning on positioning the billboards where there are a lot of pedestrians and relatively high traffic. In that case the conveyed message could be more elaborate!

Thank you!




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Have you been in touch with Joep at PauseAI? He has quite a bit of experience with public advocacy. Also the Existential Risk Observatory. Good luck!

Thank you, I will contact him!

Sorry potentially dumb question but are the slogans written in english?

No, they will be in Bulgarian!

A lot of what makes copy impactful (not in the EA sense of the word) has to do with language-specific sounds and connotations, so I don't think I can be of much help. That being said, I wonder if you could come up with something that plays off of the immediacy of the pandemic as a tail risk that is actually quite palpable, and how AI poses a similar risk profile.
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