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There exists within the EA community, groups for ChristiansBuddhistsJews, and Muslims. Is there a group for people who have left a religious community?




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Hi Matt, I run EA for Christians. 

This might not be the answer you're looking for but FWIW if you (or anyone reading) have honest doubts about the Christian faith, and you feel you would benefit from respectful discussions about a specific faith/EA topic, I welcome you at our weekly discussion socials

Most who come are Christian. But I have been told also by non-Christians that it is a welcoming and truth-seeking space.

I almost said that we should invite some EA Christians along. Probably more utility for everyone. Who doesn't love an argument :P

Seconding this. As someone who grew up with a strong Christian identity that I no longer hold, my conversations about faith and EA with JD and other EA for Christians folks have been very positive. 

Hi Matt,

According to the 2019 EA Survey, 86% reported being agnostic/atheist/non-religious. Now some of these will of course be born into atheism, but you will probably find some apostates to talk to in your local EA group.

I'd attend a meetup if there was one.

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