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Over the past few years podcasts, and more recently newsletters, have been the main way I’ve absorbed information about topics related to AI governance. Until fairly recently I would describe myself (depending on my mood) as either a podcast connoisseur or addict. I’ve since kicked this habit down a few notches and am successfully not filling most waking moments with podcasts (listening to a podcast every time you go to the bathroom is probably too much). However, I thought it would be useful to share the fruits of my past addiction before my knowledge of the podcast world becomes obsolete.

I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface of high-quality podcasts, newsletters, and (especially) videos related to AI governance so I’d like this to be a living document. Please suggest things that I’ve missed, add comments on the quality and relevance of the podcast/newsletter/etc (especially if you disagree with my very quick takes), and recommend your favourite episodes.

I've ordered each list using some vague combination of relevance, quality, and listen/read/watch-ability (i.e. I spent 5 minutes moving things around until it felt right). Inevitably this ordering has a lot to do with how much I’ve actually engaged with each one (and I’ve included some I’m not too familiar with) as well as my particular interests, so don’t take the ordering too seriously.

You can find the spreadsheet with recommendations here

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Nice! I’d also recommend the AI Impacts blog: https://aiimpacts.org/category/blog/

Thank you sharing these resources!

For podcasts I would also recommend these (all available on https://castbox.fm/):

The Data Exchange with Ben Lorica

National Security Commission on AI podcast (yes, they made a podcast)

The Cyberlaw Podcast - sometimes touches on AI

CDT Tech Talks (Center for Democracy and Technology)

Brookings Event Audio - often has AI related talks

Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society Audio Fishbowl

Data & Society Podcast

TWIML AI Podcast